How long do you serve for?

Usually two hours but we can tailor to your needs.

Do I need power?

Yes! Daisy is cleaner and greener than traditional ice cream vans by using mains power. We can also operate from an event type generator if you or your venue are arranging one. We’re happy to take care of all the arrangements for power.

What ice creams and lollies do you serve?

Award winning vanilla softserve (yes that’s Mr Whippy!) served traditionally or creatively with carefully selected toppings and includes homemade sauces made from natural ingredients. We can supply Chew Moo’s sorbet and retro ice lollies for dairy free guests. Always happy to work with you to create your ice cream dreams - how about sundaes named after the happy couple? What would you choose?

How many ice creams do we get?

Quotes are usually based on the number of guests and with an unlimited service for the duration of the booking!

What's the best way to book?

Send us some details to [email protected]. If you can, please include date, venue and approximate numbers and we can start to work together for a unique and delicious ice cream service.